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Vizara Nyala Ruby

Date of birth: 05.May 2008

Registration number: N.H.S.B.2704768

Height: 62,3 cm

Weight: 32 kg

Colour: red wheaten

Father: Pronkberg Makari

Mother: Vizara Likoma Lechaim

Breeder: Rens Trappel, Netherlands

X-rays: HD A1=free, ED/OCD free

Set of teeth: full scissor bite

Dilute: DD (= homozygous)

Gun-shot: no reaction

Passed breed permission at DZRR on 31.07.2010 without restriction.

Nyala is a smart, spirited and playful bitch. She has a very friendly nature is outgoing and curious. She has a strong
hunting instinct, is extremely fast and agile and rather enjoys ripping the garden to bits!

Nyala and I are training in the Dog Rescue Team and Man Trailer Team. We both enjoy the training very much and
Nyala is very motivated when following a trail.


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