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Happy 1. Birthday!
It`s unbelievable how time flies, our A-litter celebrates his 1. Birthday today, they all developed into great young
dogs. We wish you all health and a great day with lots of fun, cuddles and treats!
Always in our hearts Akin, Banyan and Leo!


We visited our offspring.
We had a lovely afternoon with Taylor at Myriam and Alex's. Gunnar also came along with Amani. Taylor and
Amani are, already, at 8 months bigger than their mother. All three had great fun - and so did we, obviously,
thanks to Myriam and Alex.
Some photos of our visit:

I was with Nyala again on the Intensive Mantrailer Seminar in the BRH Training Centre in Hünxe. Nyala worked well,
we were re-motivated and went away with new training ideas.
Nyala at work:

Hünxe 13

All of our puppies found a great new home!
It was time to say goodbye, photos please see “a-litter”!

Finally the photos of week 7 and 8 are online! Please see “a-litter”!

A little late but finally the photos of week 6 are online! Please see “a-litter”!

We wish all our visitors and new puppy parents a happy and healthy New Year 2013! All the puppies
did great on New Year`s Eve together with us! New photos please see “a-litter”!

The photos of week 4 are online, please see “a-litter”!

Already 3 weeks are over! More news see “a-litter”!

We are so very sad, our little Miss Red went over the rainbow bridge after 18 days.
- R.I.P. little Lady in Red! -

Here we are again - the second week is over already - time flies....
New photos of the cute little bunch see “a-litter”!

The little furkids are over a week already. More please see “a-litter”!

First photos and a little report see “a-litter”!

Yesterday our a-litter has arrived!! Within a very short time Nyala gave birth to 5 males and 3 females!!
More information about the birth and also more photos will come soon! We are sooooo very happy!!

New photos from Nyala with her baby belly in our “Litter diary”. :) It won`t be long until the puppies will
be born!!

You`ll find some more news in our “Litter diary”! :)

Under “A-Litter” you can find our “Litter diary”. Please have a look there, Nyala`s belly starts growing
now :)). 

We went to have an ultrasound on Nyala: Nyala is pregnant!
More informations please see “Litterplans”.

Last weekend it was time! Nyala was on heat and ready! For more informations please see “Litterplans”.

Thank you so much to Sybille Becker,
Thank you that you were with us and that you advised and actively supported us!

We have had some more test done on Nyala, a full blood count and liver and thyroid function. To our delight,
everything is fine, Nyala is healthy and in top shape! Additionally, we have had her tested for Degenerative Myelopathy.
We are thrilled that Nyala is NOT a carrier of the mutation and therefore can not pass it on to her offspring.
Here are some new photos of Nyala.

DSC09447 - Arbeitskopie 2



This weekend Nyala and I participated in an intensive Mantrailer seminar at the training centre in Hünxe BRH.
Nyala worked really well despite the difficulties of 38 degree temperatures! We worked on some very interesting
trails and it was fascinating to observe the other teams. It was a great group and lots of fun. Again we learnt a lot,
got new training ideas and came home freshly motivated.



Unfortunately, we have no black and white photos - the ultrasound showed
that Nyala was not carrying puppies! We are, of course, very sad about this!

However, we don't want to give up hope and intend to repeat the
mating of Nyala and Barmani next time Nyala is in heat.
Nyala will be in heat again in September and with a bit of luck we will
get puppies in November.

We have a new guestbook, the other provider ceased operating.

Our “adventure” a-litter has begun!! More information see “litterplans”!

We have great news on “litterplans”!

At last we have managed to take some updated photos of Nyala and Kabira. Please click on
the photos in "Gallery"

Today we received the terrible news that last weekend Matakima Ajani was tragically killed in
 a traffic accident. All our sympathies are with Karolina and we wish her strength for the months to come.
We are currently searching for a new father for our litter planned for next Spring. Which male that will
 be will be announced soon.



 We joined The Hamburg-Harburg Rescue Dogs Team.
For more information: rhs

Nyala`s Gallery is online!

21. / 22.05.2011
We had a fantastic weekend in glorious weather at the DZRR Club Show in Helvesiek-Appel.
Here are more“Shows.


Happy Birthday Kabira! Hard to believe that you are already 7 years old! Congratulations sweetheart!


Happy Birthday!! Nyala Ruby is 3 years old. We love you and hope you enjoy the sausage cake!!

 Unfortunately it was not to be. Ajani used all his charm to flirt with Nyala. She was playful with him
and did smooch a little but refused any further advances. Nyala was on heat earlier than we expected and only
for a short time so we missed our time-slot. We'll give Nyala another year for her first litter and are planning our
first A-litter for Spring 2012.

Nyala has been in heat for 8 days. longer than we expected and we are delighted about
the imminent excitement. 


Our Website is online. Great news on litterplans.!