On 24th September the wait was over! We drove on a
honeymoon trip to Barmani. The two of them remembered each other
immediately and greeted each other happily. Nyala and Barmani played
wonderfully and lovingly together and understood each other well.

Now we are hoping for a positive ultrasound in just four weeks time.


We are planning our a-litter autumn 2012!

We are delighted to announce the sire of our A-litter. We decided upon a beautiful, elegant male,
Sadikifu Barmani. Barmani is an expressive and solid male, born on 17th May 2008 in Sybille and Stefan Becker's
kennels. From the very first meeting, he and Nyala understood each other perfectly. They get on well and we
are looking forward to healthy puppies, full of character. Many thanks to Eileen for letting us use Barmani!



If you are interested in a puppy from Nyala, please contact us in good time in order for us to get to know our
puppy's future parents well in advance. We look forward to hearing from you via email or phone.