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18.11.2012 day 56 of pregnancy

Nyala is stil fit and happy even though her belly circumference is now 86 cm and her weight is 41 kg.
Very often she redesigns her whelping box, everything has to be in the middle and she lays on top. :)


13.11.2011 - day 51 of pregnancy

Nyala weighs 40,2 kg and her belly circumference is now 82 cm. She gained 8 kg until today!
She still likes going for a walk and she is doing very well! :)

10.11.2012 - day 48 of pregnancy

We constructed the whelping box today, unfortunately we have had to give up the table for it.
Nyala has tried it out and seems to like it. :)


04.11.2012 - day 42 of pregnancy

It's unbelievable how time flies! Nyala's tummy keeps growing. She is getting a little clingy now and she is
always very very hungry. She is now getting a little extra puppy food, which she loves. In the garden
Nyala has already dug a deep hollow under a bush, so perhaps we should get a move on with her litter box!

Weight: 36 kg, Belly circumference: 75 cm

31.10.2012 - day 38 of pregnancy

Now the belly is clear to see and her teats are beginning to swell.
Nyala is fine, she is going for walks and has a good appetite now. Her
favourite thing at the moment is lying by the fire and warming her belly.
Weight: 34.8 kg, Belly circumference: 69 cm




21.10.2012 - day 28 of pregnancy

It is now possible to see a little belly. Nyala now weighs 33.4kg, her
weight has increased by 1.4kg. She is not so keen on her food at the
moment, but she is doing well, if not a little clingy!


14.10.2012 - day 21 of pregnancy

Nyala is doing well. It is not possible to see she is pregnant yet, which is totally normal.
Current weight: 32kg.