Our goal is to raise healthy, well socialized and good natured dogs.

The whelping box is situated in our living room for the full first nine weeks of the puppies lives. We regard them as
part of our family and they are looked after round the clock.

 It is extremely important to us that the puppies have as much social contact as possible. They get to know many
varied types of people from toddlers to the elderly. Whilst living with us they also quickly get accustomed to
everyday sounds such as, vacuum cleaners, rattling pots and pans, radios and noisy children!

From our living room the puppies have direct contact to the garden which quickly becomes their playground. Out in
the garden they come to terms with different types of surfaces, seesaws, tunnels, water and many other toys.

At eight weeks all our puppies are examined and assessed by a DZRR/VDH Breed Expert.

By this point they have already been dewormed several times, vaccinated and microchipped. They have an
EU-Passport and will have papers of VDH/FCI.

We would very much like to remain in contact with the puppies new owners and are always available for any
problems or questions they may have.