My name is Silke and I live in Thomasburg, a small village in the district of Lüneburg, about 70 km South of Hamburg
with my husband Dirk, our two children Timon and Lena and our Ridgebacks Kabira and Nyala Ruby. Other members
of our family include two horses, Trakehner Barina and Bonito, a few rabbits, chickens and budgies.

Our very first dog was a small, feisty Jack Russell bitch called Tami. A year later Doberman Jago joined us. The two
of them were an unlikely but amicable pair. When Jago died at eleven, it took us some time to come to terms with
her death. After a few months though, we were certain that we wanted another big dog in order that our little
Tami should have a play mate again.

We realized early that we were fascinated in Rhodesian Ridgebacks when we met one at the Dog Training Ground.
We bought books, made phone calls to breeders and visited various Ridgeback exhibitions to get some more
information about the breed. At the dog show in Appel we met Rens Trappel from the Netherlands who had his 5
 Ridgebacks with him. We hit it off with Rens and his dogs right away and later travelled to Holland to meet Mariette
van der Veer, Rens's wife. Together, Rens and Mariette run Vizara Kennels and we were delighted when they
promised us a bitch from the next litter. In July 2004 we collected Kabira, our Rhodesian Ridgeback bitch from
 the Vizara Kennels.

Tabira and Tami got on fantastically and lived together for four years until Tami sadly passed away when she was
sixteen years old.

We maintained our contact with Rens and Mariette and they informed us that in May 2008 they were expecting
another litter. We told them that we would love another Ridgeback and a few months later we picked up Nyala Ruby
from Vizara Kennels.

Kabira and Nyala got on splendidly from the start and have become a wonderful team.