Now the time has come to say goodbye. We had a lovely time with the puppies and the time passed much
too quickly. It was a lot of fun to watch the little ones grow and observe their curiosity as they explored
their environment and enjoyed new experiences.

We are very proud of our Nyala, who provided us with such beautiful babies, looked after them, played with
 them and brought them up consistently and strictly.

We are also very happy to have found such wonderful puppy parents who made it a little easier to say
farewell to our little lion hunters. Now it is up to you to take care of, educate and love the little ones.
We look forward to seeing you all again at our puppy meeting!

Azibo Taylor (Mr Blue)
He has moved in with Myriam and Alex in Bothel.

Aneni Aila (Miss Yellow)
She now lives with Bernadette Gerth in the Netherlands.

Amani (Mr White)
He is going to turn the lives of Gunnar and Kirsten in Bad Salzuflen upside-down!

Akinyele (Mr Light Blue)
He will now look after the house of Family Posch in Witten.

Adebayo Banyangiriko (Mr Green)
He will surely be spoiled by Family Poppen in Leer

Amakhosi (Mr Brown)
He now lives in Düsseldorf with Uta and Sascha together with their dog Nelly and two cats.

Arusha (Miss Pink)
She will definitely have fun on the huge farmyard and with the children from Family Lysgaard in Denmark.

Week 8 was quite stressful for our little ones. They received their first vaccinations and were chipped by the
vet. Last weekend, Herbert Steinke, the Breeding Supervisor came and much to our delight accepted all puppies
as correct with the exception of Herr Dark Blue (4 Crowns).

Furthermore, he brought with him our breeder Mariette van der Verr from the Netherlands. We had a wonderful
conversation and were extremely impressed by their knowledge of heredity and the corresponding blood lines
 which were described to us in great detail. Thanks so much for your help Mariette.

We are so proud that our puppy parents Barmani and Nyala have provided us with such beautiful puppies. Thank
you Eileen for making Barmani available to us for our A-Litter.

We would also like to thank Sybille Becker, Barmani's breeder, who was with us at the birth and was a constant
support during the entire breeding period.

Thank you so much!!!!
Silke & Dirk

Our little ones are now 7 weeks old. They are growing and flourishing and you really have to be careful of
their little sharp teeth! This week we had lots of lovely visitors again. Eileen came to visit with Papa Barmani
too. Nyala recognized Barmani and was clearly happy to see him.


Despite plenty of rain, our little ones often go outside and are exploring, with curiosity, their environment.
There is lots to discover and they have already got to know our horses and chickens who live next door.
They love nibbling on the shrubs, digging in the sand and they can run unbelievably fast over the lawn!

In the 5th week the puppies are temporally moved to the puppy house. They use the big playground and
discover new thinks and toys. The small Lion dogs become brave from day to day and you have to be careful
not to be catch by the very tiny teeth.

The little ones are now 4 weeks old. Their play is getting a bit rougher, they have a mean growl and can run
very fast and drag away their toys. The new red tunnel was immediately investigated.

Now at the age of 3 weeks, our little fluff balls are noticeably more agile. We opened the front of the litter box
and they immediately began to curiously explore the new terrain. Also, they have been slurping milk for the
first time which was not so easy to start with but worked out fine in the end. At the first taste of minced meat
they turned into little carnivores. They have also bravely endured their first course of de-worming.

The Little Ones are already two weeks old. They have all now opened their eyes and are looking boldly at the
world around them. Also, they can walk already, albeit on somewhat wobbly legs. Additionally, it seems, one
can already growl at one's siblings and bite them in their tail or ears!

It's hard to believe that our A Team is already a week old!

The little ones scutter, squeaking around the litter box, sometimes you can even recognise a little bark. Nyala is very
patient when the little piranhas attack her milk bar! It is so lovely watching the little puppies, you just never tire of it. :)

Here you see some impressions from the first week:

Right on schedule on Saturday 24.11.12, Nyala gave birth to nine tiny puppies. Five dogs and four bitches.
Unfortunately the first bitch died. Nyala managed very well and is a wonderful mother. We would especially like to
thank Sybille Becker who supported us so much both before and during the birth of our first litter.

First photos of our little puppies.

Our A-Litter diary is online!

In the diary we will report weekly about Nyala`s pregnancy and her growing belly.

Nyala is pregnant!!
It`s an indescribable feeling, we are so much looking forward to the exciting times ahead! If everything
goes well, we are expecting the puppies around 24th November!

If you are interested in a puppy from Nyala, please contact us in good time in order for us to get to know our
puppy's future parents well in advance. We look forward to hearing from you via email or phone.